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Small Taste of Testimonials...


“What can I say about Paula Walker? I was an Educational Assistant for over 20 years. Most of those years our special needs students didn’t have music class because no other music teacher took the time and energy to teach our children music. This lady did such an amazing job! It didn’t matter if our students were non-verbal, in a wheel chair, had severe anxiety attacks, or over stimulated; they all took part in Ms. Walker’s music program. She ensured they were always included in any concert that we had at the school. In my 20 plus years of working in the education field, I never worked with anyone who gave more of themselves than Paula did. So blessed to have worked with her and to call her a friend.” 

(Linda Hess, retired EA)


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“My 7 year old daughter has been taking virtual vocal lessons with Paula [during the pandemic] and thoroughly enjoys them. Paula makes her feel comfortable and is always very encouraging. She keeps the lessons interesting and clearly has experience working with kids. Thank you Paula!”

(Crystal - mom of student)


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“Paula Walker is a passionate, spiritual, and dedicated teacher who has been such an integral part of the lives of everyone she teaches. 

My students have learned everything from music history to theory to chorale singing to reading music. Students receive personalized attention in Music Classes with Ms.Walker and always receive positive reinforcement and support as they hone their skills. They are able to channel their inner frustrations; and use music as their “outlet”. The greatest part about learning with Ms.Walker is that they now feel a sense of belonging and community through music. In this community that Ms. Walker has created, it is a safe space for them to share their passion for learning music with other kids and teachers who just seem to “get it”. Paula always connects to the students and  engages with them on a personal level; making them feel important. We (my fellow colleagues and I) cannot say enough wonderful things about Ms. Walker! Her lessons and the experience of the musical [she wrote and produced, called "Lucy and Maayaa"] have  been positive, enriching, educational, and fun. We are forever grateful!”

(Maxine - Primary Teacher)


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“Fortunate and privileged to have had the very talented Paula teach my Kindergarten class! Paula brought to the classroom daily energy and passion that engaged the children with a fun music lesson!”

Odette (ECE for DDSB)


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“Paula Walker has been my music teacher, friend and mentor for over 20 years. Paula is a passionate person with a love for music that touches your soul and inspires you. Paula is a patient and kind teacher who’s musical gifts know no bounds. Paula is committed to her students and their success in their musical endeavours. Paula’s dedication to her own craft has been extraordinary to witness over the years that I have known her. I will forever be a student of Paula’s and I am blessed to call her my friend.”

Deanna (Teacher, KPR board)


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About Paula's musical, "Lucy and Maayaa":

"Lucy and Maayaa", Unpacked

Dr. Leena Augimeri's Closing Remarks for "Lucy and Maayaa: Diverse", June 22, 2018 Performance

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